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Forms products for Plone

by chervol last modified 2010-04-21
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List of the ready for use Forms products for Plone.

The following Plone products can be used for handling online forms on Plone websites. They allow to manage form fields, widgets, and validation. The most popular tool for creating online forms is PloneFormMailer (for Plone 2) and PloneFormGen (For Plone 3).

See the rating list of Plone products used for creating online forms on Forms Products for Plone page.

Plone product Products.PloneFormGen (1.7.0) last release: 2011/11/16, review updated: 2011-11-29 08:00:51
A generic Plone form generator using fields, widgets and validators from Archetypes. Actions like mailing or saving form input are incorporated by included plug-in adapters.
Plone product quintagroup.z3cform.captcha (1.0.1) by Quintagroup, last release: 2011/10/28 05:35:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-10-31 05:10:17
Captcha field for z3cform based on quintagroup.captcha.core package
Plone product uwosh.pfg.d2c (1.2.8) last release: 2011/10/28, review updated: 2011-10-31 04:52:47
A PloneFormGen adapter that will save the data from a form to an actual content type. This way you can still use permissions, workflows, etc on the form data.
Plone product Products.PFGSelectionStringField (1.0) last release: 2011/09/24 09:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-09-28 09:58:42
Products.PFGSelectionStringField is a field type for Products.PloneFormGen.
Plone product Plone Captchas (4.1) by Quintagroup, last release: 2011/09/05 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-09-06 09:23:36
Plone Captchas (qPloneCaptchas) is a simple captchas implementation for Plone, designed for validation of human input in insecure forms.
Plone product quintagroup.formlib.captcha (1.4) by Quintagroup, last release: 2011/08/25 05:25:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-08-26 09:19:48
Captcha field for formlib based on quintagroup.captcha.core package
Plone product pfg.donationform (1.2.2) last release: 2011/07/06 09:10:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-07-08 05:25:48
A PloneFormGen-based donation form that does checkout via PloneGetPaid.
Plone product Products.PFGDataGrid (0.2) last release: 2011/05/21 04:50:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-05-23 10:16:54
Data-grid Field for PloneFormGen
Plone product collective.pfg.payment (0.2.0) last release: 2011/04/16 08:20:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-04-19 08:21:46
Extends PloneFormGen to payment form.
Plone product collective.contactauthor (0.1.1) last release: 2011/04/05 03:35:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-04-14 03:37:41
A very simple customization for Plone author form, where anonymous user can send message to authors, with captcha protection
Plone product pfg.drafts (1.1.2) last release: 2011/01/12 02:00:00 US/Eastern, review updated: 2011-01-25 10:09:58
Allows users to save drafts of PloneFormGen forms in progress
Plone product collective.z3cform.norobots (1.2.1) last release: 2010/11/05, review updated: 2010-11-08 05:32:23
Human readable captcha for z3cform
Plone product collective.z3cform.colorpicker (0.2) last release: 2010/10/31 05:05:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-11-01 06:29:39
colorpicker widget for z3c.form
Plone product Products.CMFFormController (3.0.1) last release: 2010/10/27 18:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-10-29 05:24:19
CMFFormController is a framework for handling forms.
Plone product quintagroup.pfg.captcha (1.0.4) by Quintagroup, last release: 2010/09/24 04:20:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-09-24 07:35:02
Quintagroup PloneFormGen Captcha Field allows to add captcha to PloneFormGen forms.
Plone product collective.formtoy (0.2) last release: 2010/07/14 07:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-07-14 08:02:31
A tool to mock up ad hoc forms in Plone
Plone product Products.PloneboardNotify (0.4.1) by RedTurtle Technology, last release: 2010/04/19 07:25:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-04-20 04:15:00
Add a Zope 3 event and some configuration to send email on new message on forums
Plone product collective.formcriteria (1.1.1) last release: 2009/08/31 04:30:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-09-11 04:55:13
Add forms for user enterable search criteria to collections.
Plone product plone.autoform (1.0) last release: 2009/07/12 05:20:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-07-13 05:23:16
This package provides tools to construct z3c.form forms out of hints stored in tagged values on schema interfaces. A special form base class is used to set up the 'fields' and 'groups' properties on form instances. It also contains a 'display form' implementation that is compatible with Zope 2 page templates, and with some convenience features for rendering widgets in view mode.
Plone product sc.pfg.brazilianfields (0.6) by Simples Consultoria, last release: 2009/07/09 03:45:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-07-13 03:57:53
Brazilian fields and widgets to be used with PloneFormGen
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