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Review of the Plone products updates

Short overview of latest versions and recently-released new add-ons for Plone CMS for the last 2 months (November - December 2009).

Plone 4.0

The most welcomed and the most important release worth mentioning is the alpha for the next major Plone release - 4.0. Although Plone 4 is still in alpha, you can try it, see its new design, feel its new features. Hope it will not take long before stable (or at least beta) release is out.

WYSIWYG editors

Most popular WYSIWYG editors for Plone - Kupu and TinyMCE are constantly being updated to be compatible with the latest Plone versions. Being default WYSIWYG editor for Plone 3, latest 1.4.16 Kupu release is already compatible with the coming Plone 4.0 version. Latest version of default WYSIWYG editor for Plone 4 TinyMCE is mainly a bug fix release.

New version of out-of-the-box group collaboration software, 3.0.5, was releases on November 17, 2009. Being based on the latest stable release of Plone, 3.3.1, 3.0.5 includes lots of improvements and brings some cool new features:

  • added out-of-box support for publishing content to anonymous users,
  • enhancement within UI: user toolbar was introduced in the adder bar;
  • Google Chrome Frame support added


Initial stable release 1.0 of a new Megaphone add-on for Plone from Groundwire (concept by Jon Stahl & Drew Bernard; development by David Glick & Jon Baldivieso) has seen the world on Nov. 11, 2009. Megaphone is built on top of several Plone products:  PloneFormGen, collective.z3cform.wizard, Salesforce PFG Adapter and Salesforce Base Connector. This is  a tool for powerful online advocacy campaigns building in Plone. The following are main features Megaphone comes with:

  • allows sending letters to decision makers
  • allows setting required and optional recipients
  • allows saving data locally or to
  • allows giving email letters to targets
  • allows thank-you letter customizing


Collective.project package has gone through multiple improvements this autumn: there were 7 stable versions released. The latest one - collective.project 0.9.3 appeared on Dec 5, 2009. The goal of this package is to simplify project management with 4 (Dexterity) content types added to Plone: Client, Project, Iteration, and Task. It also includes a tool to automate creation of iterations. It comes with a project workflow for client, project, and iteration that contains active/inactive state(s).

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