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Add-ons for the upcoming Plone 4 release

Long-awaited next major release of Plone - 4.0 is currently in its 3rd alpha release. Many new features and improvements have been discussed recently among Plone community members. Plone 4 is expected to be much friendlier and faster than its previous versions. I guess you have already tried it to feel the new design and features. If not - don't hesitate to do that, test Plone 4 alpha and be among those who make Plone better.

Even though Plone 4 is not ready to be used on production environments yet, several Plone products have already been upgraded to be compatible on Plone 4. There are Plone-4-compatible stable releases of such Plone products as: Kupu 1.4.16, Salesforce Base Connector 1.2, etc. Many other are still under development, going through alpha and beta stages. You can use our Products Search to look for the products available for Plone 4. For this use "CMS version" box at the left column to filter products by its compatibility with Plone versions.

There are only 17 products listed currently as working with Plone 4. Are there any other missing? Have you tried more add-ons on your Plone 4 instance? Have you developed any new product for Plone 4? Share your experience, let's make a complete list of add-ons for Plone 4 together.

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