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Review of the Recent Plone Products Releases

The following is a review of the recent updates of some Plone products, released for the last 2 months (March - April, 2009).


PloneFormGen 1.2.7 release (Apr 22, 2009) - new bugfixed and updated release of the main addon used to build forms in Plone, providing fields, widgets and validators from Archetypes.


Most popular Plone issue tracker Poi has new 1.2 version, released on Apr 22, 2009. This is Plone 3-only release; Plone 2.5 is no longer supported. This product was eggified and Poi is now available as Products.Poi.

Poi 2.1 has changes in UI: the responses refactoring made it possible to have a reaction form at the bottom of each issue instead of needing to create a PoiResponse. So now the issue and all responses are displayed when making your own response.

Poi 2.1 has also gone through big refactoring: some logic from the content types and python scripts (in the skin) was moved into browser views and other adapters. PoiResponses (Archetypes objects) were replaced with Zope 3 style light weight objects.

Faculty Staff Directory

New improved release of personnel directory Faculty Staff Directory is now available which is, released on Apr 8, 2009. This is mainly a bugfix release with some new features implemented, such as:
  • A dedicated Committees Folder view (similar to the specialies folder view) added.
  • A Specialty has an extra schemata "Overview" with an image and richtext field. Both fields are used for the speciality_overview view.
  • Microformats for person_view's address block added.
  • Spanish and French translation added.


Updated and improved version of major SEO-related tool for Plone - Plone SEO 2.0.5, released on Apr 7, 2009. New release includes some improvements and modernization of SEOptimizer product from Quintagroup. Adding of a new feature is worth mentioning here which is canonical URL, useful for search engine marketing purposes.

Plone Comments

Plone Comments 4.0.0 release, issued on Apr 6, 2009, is now compatible with Plone 3. Current release highlights:
  • uninstall configlet and skins added
  • i18n layout to a locales layout converted
  • use of the username as the comment creator fixed, necessary whenever the user is authenticated. This fixes the problems where commenters weren't receiving any notifications.

Real Estate Broker

New release of Plone real estate objects management tool - Real Estate Broker 2.1 was issued on Mar 26, 2009. New features that come with this release include:
  • French translations added
  • Allow access to the AlbumView.first_image; an Unauthorized error is triggered when using this in for example a collection portlet.
  • Floorplan filter bug fixed: the photo management page also filtered them, making them impossible to edit. 
  • Floorplans from all the photo lists was filtered out.

Plone Get Paid

PloneGetPaid 0.7.5 version releases on Mar 13, 2009. This version has Brazilian Portuguese translation updated and the code was updated to make sure the site root is got when checking out, otherwise the store settings can't be got. More highlights include:
  • the inclusion of getpaid.payflowpro added if it is installed
  • viewlet provider on thank you page added
More information about PloneGetPaid updates can be found here - General Update on last 3 Months of GetPaid.

Singing & Dancing

0.8.9 release of the next generation newsletter add-on for Plone Singing & Dancing appeared on Mar 11, 2009.  This release brought updated installation instructions for Plone 3.2.x buildouts. Support for overriding template variables in the "send as newsletter form" was also added.

Plone True Gallery

After a number of alpha releases in 0.7 series, a gallery/slideshow product Plone True Gallery has new beta release 0.7 issued on Apr 28, 2009. This version comes with the following improvements:

  • small picasa gallery size changed to 320*320
  • gallery type registration changed
  • gallery images is now always displayed even when there are subgalleries in the current gallery
  • dependency on simplejson and elementtree removed
  • flickrapi and gdata are made optional add-ons
  • support for slideshow 2 added,  giving an option of what gallery type to use
  • pre-fetches gallery images to speed rendering time(especially for flickr and picasa). 
  • sub-galleries design improved
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