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pfg.donationform (1.2.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-07-08
Released on 2011-07-06 by David Glick for Plone 3.0, Plone 4.0 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
A PloneFormGen-based donation form that does checkout via PloneGetPaid.

This package streamlines the process of creating a donation form within a Plone site that can process payments via one of the payment processors supported by PloneGetPaid.

On its own, PloneGetPaid provides a useful basis for processing electronic payments within Plone, including support for a number of payment processors. However, PloneGetPaid is optimized for the use case of purchasing products, and makes some assumptions that are suboptimal for collecting donations:

  • It assumes that any item purchased is represented by a content item within the site, which is not the case for arbitrary donations.
  • It provides no user interface for selecting among predefined donation levels -or- entering an arbitrary donation amount.
  • Its checkout process requires several steps, whereas making a donation should be as streamlined as possible.

pfg.donationform solves these problems by creating a PloneFormGen-based donation form with a custom "donation field" that provides an acceptable UI for configuring a donation amount and recurring donation. When the form is submitted, it can either process the donation immediately based on contact and billing fields included in the form, or can redirect to the standard GetPaid checkout wizard.

The donation field may also be used in other PloneFormGen forms.


pfg.donationform works on both Plone 3 and Plone 4. Recent versions of PloneFormGen and PloneGetPaid are required.


Add GetPaid to your buildout, using the instructions at to make sure you get the correct package versions.

Add pfg.donationform to your buildout.

Start Zope and install "Donation Form" to your Plone site via the Add/Remove Products panel in Site Setup.

Make sure you have configured your Plone site's mailhost settings.


Begin adding a donation form by selecting "Donation Form" from Plone's Add menu. Fill out the fields and click "Add" to finish adding the form.

By default GetPaid uses a dummy payment processor that "accepts" payment without actually doing anything. You will need to configure GetPaid via its control panel in Site Setup.


Because the generated form is a PloneFormGen form, you may edit or add fields via the normal PloneFormGen user interface. If you add a field and want it to be included in the e-mail that is sent when a donation is made, you must also edit the mailer adapter and add it to the list of included fields. (All fields are not included automatically, in order to avoid sending sensitive credit card information via e-mail.)

If you let the Donation Form creation process add contact and billing fields to the form, make sure that you do not remove them or change their IDs -- the GetPaid adapter expects to find them.

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