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Plone Form Mailer (1.0)

by cms last modified 2009-01-02
Released on 2008-02-27 by Blue Dynamics, Reinout van Rees, Jens Klein for Plone 2.1, Plone 2.5 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Send web-forms by e-mail to recipients. Create forms and configure the mail-template through the Plone. If you want attachments, click "all releases" and download the 1.0 beta.
Plone Form Mailer

PloneFormMailer is a Plone product for through the web (ttw) creation of forms and sending them formated to one or more fixed recipients. After successful sent a customizeable response-page will be displayed.

It combines the power of Formulator and CMFFormController glued together in an Archetypes product.

PloneFormMailer is designed for easy adaption.


  • send web-forms via e-mail, like contact forms, order forms, etc.
  • form creation via formulator; fully customizeable
  • customizeable mail header and body with PageTemplates
  • TALES support for recipients name, e-mail, cc, bcc
  • add header and footer (txt, stx, html, ...) to form
  • own controller page template (optional)
  • customizeable response page (displayed after succeccful send)
  • response redirect with TALES support (optional)
  • encrypt message using a gpg (optional)
  • i18n support with LinguaPlone (optional)


It is no longer part of Plone. It was dropped at Version 2.1.0. You can download Formulator from Infrae at:

the official subversion repository for Formulator is at

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Plone Form-Mailer

Avatar Posted by AMAR NATH SINHA at 2010-09-23
Without installing Plone, Can I use Plone Form Mailer product in zope.

Please help me as soon as possible

Amar Nath Sinha

Re: Plone Form-Mailer

Avatar Posted by Olha Pelishok at 2010-09-23
No, you can not. PloneForMailer is designed to work in Plone only.

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