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ulif.plone.testsetup (0.1.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2009-04-29
Released on 2008-07-11 by Uli Fouquet for Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
Easier test setup for Plone 3 projects.

is a package that provides some convenience stuff to enable rapid test setup for Plone packages. Currently doctests (normal unit doctests and functional doctests) and usual Python tests made of unittest.TestCase (and derived) definitions are supported.

Doctests and test modules are found throughout a whole package and registered with sensible, modifiable defaults.

Also support for reusable test setups is provided by so-called TestGetters and TestCollectors.

Setting up doctests (contrary to writing those tests) can become cumbersome with Plone. In the environment you often have to prepare complex things like test layers, setup functions, teardown functions and much more. Often this steps have to be done again and again.

ulif.plone.testsetup can shorten this work by setting sensible defaults for the most important aspects of test setups.

See README.txt in the src/ulif/plone/testsetup directory for API documentation. ulif.plone.testsetup is an extension of the Zope 3 package z3c.testsetup in which all the basic stuff is defined and documented. Please see the .txt files in this package for deeper insights about TestCollectors and the like.

Note, that this is alphaware! Do not use it in productive environments!

ulif.plone.testsetup tries to ease the writing of testsetups. This can be a mess, especially when using Plone. There is always a complex framework to setup and all that might afraid people so that they do not write tests at all. In that sense, ulif.plone.testsetup is a try to take away excuses for not testing.

Note, that this package is meant for use with Plone 3. Other versions are not tested!

Please note also, that this document is not an introduction into writing tests, but into setup of tests. The difference is, that the many kind of tests supported by Zope and Python need to be found by a testrunner and some, functional tests for example, need a special framework to be setup before the tests can actually run. That's what this package is for: minimizing the effort, to find and setup tests.

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