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Teaching Schedule (0.1alpha)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-01-13
Released on 2005-08-19 by Jeff Pittman for Plone 2.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
TeachingSchedule takes information about courses and times offered and generates views of the teaching schedule. It uses the ReportLab toolkit and its own routines to emit PNG, and other image types, PDF, SVG and simple HTML renderings. The plot produced has a left-to-right layout, wherein days are shown as columns and the time line for the day is shown on the y-axis. A plot for an entire semester, using the default settings, will be a very wide image. The image (for png, jpg, gif, etc. renderings) can be scrolled sideways on the Plone page. The usual zooming, scrolling, and panning functions of PDF viewers may be used for the PDF rendering. And, for SVG, newer browsers are getting close to functional support for SVG, including zooming, panning, scrolling.

TeachingSchedule uses the ReportLab toolkit to generate a teaching schedule plot and its own routines to emit SVG and simple HTML renderings.

TeachingSchedule is a folderish Archetypes-based Plone/Zope product. The idea is to use various renderers to create images, PDF files, and/or SVG versions of the teaching schedule and store them. This allows flexibility for a user of TeachingSchedule to offer several format versions, if needed. TeachingSchedule takes input of the following items:

  • image size (width and height, in pixels)
  • position (x and y of upper left corner, in pixels)
  • courses, entered as comma-separated values on separate lines for the courses. Courses are specified by:
    • username
    • year
    • month
    • day
    • hour
    • minute
    • duration_minutes
    • recurrence_interval
    • start_year
    • start_month
    • start_day
    • end_year
    • end_month
    • end_day
    • course_name
    • red, green, blue (each 0-255)


  • Archetypes (tested with Archetypes-1.3.2-final bundle).
  • Plone (tested with Plone-2.0.5)
  • PIL (Python Imaging Library)
  • ReportLab Toolkit
  • renderPM, from the ReportLab Toolkit, as an addon module (renderPM provides the full functionality for formats other than ps and pdf)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, for fonts On Linux, v. 5 works; not sure about the new v. 7.
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