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Tabajara (1.1)

by olena last modified 2008-06-13
Released on 2006-04-01 by E-Genius for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
Tabajara is Taxonomy framework that uses Its unique way of taxanomy trees to build out site structure. It simplifies the bulk of the tedious categorization management. It ties portal contents with taxanomy to make web meaningful information using a simple approach.

Tabajara is the result of "real life" projects developed for eGenius Inc. customers, non-profit organizations with lots of content and complex websites structures. Tabajara code uses the Archetypes reference engine to define assoactions between content and Taxonomy Trees, structures easy to create and keep.

Taxonomy Trees make easy the classification and the navigation tasks too. Based on the Taxonomy Trees, It is possible to generate automatic dropdown menus that aids people to navigate over content based on the way how the content is organized.

Tabajara ships with 2 aditional Plone Products: TabajaraBlog (a simple model that shows how to use Tabajara with Archetypes/ArchGenXML) and TabajaraPodcasting (a Product to create Podcasts).
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