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StagingAddOn (1.7.2)

by olena last modified 2010-08-26
Released on 2007-08-18 by Pilot Systems for Plone 2.1, Plone 2.5 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
StagingAddOn is a simple staging and versioning product.

StagingAddOn - staging and versioning in Plone

It allows:

  • to have a published version of an item, while working on a new version (located in the same folder). When this new version is published, the old one can be automatically archived or expired;
  • to list versions of an item;
  • to compare two versions of an item, if CMFDiffTool is installed.

This products aims to be an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution.


Suppose that we have installed StagingAddOn and that our portal has a folder at ``/folder`` and a document at ``/folder/document`` whose title is "Document v1".

  1. "Document v1" is published.
  2. We decide to create a new version of this item. But we also want to keep a published, accessible version, during the edition of this new version. To do that, we select the "create new version" workflow action. This duplicates "Document v1" in the current folder (``/folder/document-new-version``) and redirects the user to this new item.
  3. This new item is in the initial state of the workflow ("visible", for the default Plone workflow). We can modify it, rename it as "Document v2" for example. We can also submit if we have the permission to.
  4. When this new item is published, the following happens:
    • the original document ("Document v1") is renamed as ``/folder/document-old-version-replaced-15042006-161234``;
    • the new version is renamed as ``/folder/document`` to replace the original document.
    • the original document is automatically expired (if the configuration says so);
    • a workflow transition ("archive" for example) is automatically triggered on the original document (if the configuration says so).

There are now two items:

  • ``/folder/document``: "Document v2";
  • ``/folder/document-old-version-replaced-15042006-161234``: "Document v1".

Note that any reference to the previously published version now points to the new version. It includes "related items", LinguaPlone translations, text links if Kupu's "resolve UID" feature is enabled, etc.

For further informations, see ``tests/``: the included tests explains (in Python and in English) what StagingAddOn really does, and how to interact with its API.

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