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Sprout (0.2)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-02-10
Released on 2007-08-15 by Enfold Systems, James Cameron Cooper for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
This product extends the Plone navigation tree with a few commonly requested features, like setting the navtree root, changing the portlet title, setting max depth, and more.

Sprout allows properties in portal_properties/navtree_properties (also available through the Plone Setup "Navigation Properties" panel) to:

  1. Change the portlet title. Set the property 'name'.
  2. Set the navigation to start at either a path off the portal root or the current context.
    Set the property 'root' to either a path starting with '/' or '.' If a path doesn't exist, the default ('/') will be used.

    NOTE: if you set a path, it won't show siblings until you're on or inside that object.

    You may also set an object property 'root' which, if not false, will be considered before the global setting. Please keep in mind acquisition when doing this.
  3. Set a level into the site required before the navtree appears.
    Set the property 'appearAtLevel' to '0' for all, or a positive value for some level beyond the root. (A setting of '1' would be every folder contained in the root, but not the root itself.)
  4. Set a maximum depth for display in the portlet.
    Set the property 'bottomLevel' to '0' for no limit, '1' for only the root folder, or a positive integer for more levels above.

    This property is left over from Plone 2.0, where it worked. If the original default (65535) remains, it will be converted to '0'.

These settings (and more) are available in the navigation panel of "Plone Setup".

Note that Sprout doesn't attempt any cleanup, refactoring, or other improvements on the navtree other than addition of features.

Sprout is also a potentially brittle product, and may only work for very specific versions of Plone. If you work outside the specified version, you're working without a net.
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