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slc.linguatools (1.4.0)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-07-04
Released on 2011-07-01 by for Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
A set of tools that simplify handling multilingual content in Plone

slc.linguatools offers a set of functions that are designed to make life easier when dealing with multilingual sites, especially those with several different languages.

Often you have the requirement that you want to do the same action for all translations of an object. In a site with ten, twenty or more languages, doing this manually is not an option any more.

Requirements and Installation

This package only works and makes sense if you have LinguaPlone installed.

Add "slc.linguatools" to the eggs and zcml sections of your buildout configuration. After running buildout and restarting your instance, go to the Site Setup -> Add-on Products, choose slc.linguatools and click "install".

A tab named "Lingua Tools" will then appear on all translatable objects.


slc.linguatools offers assistance for the following use cases:

  • Set title or description:

    Set the title / description on all translations; either directly to the string you entered, or based on an i18n label and domain

  • Rename an object

    Rename all translations to the id (short name) you entered

  • Set portlets

    Propagate the portlet settings of the canonical object to all translations, either for all slots or the one you chose. Block / unblock portlet inheritance per slot.

  • Workflow

    Publish all translations

  • Catalog reindex

    Reindex all translations of an object

  • Deleter

    Delete all translations of an object

  • Cut and paste

    Cut all translations of an object and paste them to another folder

  • Property handling

    Set a property with id, type and value on all translations. Example: Set string property "layout" to "@@my-shiny-view". Delete an existing property.

  • Subtyping (if p4a.subtyper is installed)

    Set a subtype on all translations; remove a subtype

  • Translate an object

    Create a translation of the current object for all available languages. The AT attributes that should be copied over can be selected. If the object is a Collection, then all criteria are copied as well. This function can also be used to copy values of AT attributes and collection criteria to already existing translations.


The first version of this tool featured a manually written BrowserView. During the Plone-Conference 2009 sprint, a second version that uses z3c form was written. This is the version visible by default via the "Lingua Tools" tab. The original version is still accessible under @@linguatools-old.

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