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Secure Mail Host (1.1.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2009-09-11
Released on 2009-09-06 by Hanno Schlichting for Plone 2.5, Plone 3.0 under Zope Public License (ZPL) available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
An enhanced version of the default MailHost with support for Python's email package and address validation.

SecureMailHost is a reimplementation of the standard MailHost with some security and usability enhancements:

  • ESMTP login on the mail server based on the MailHost from
  • Start TLS (ssl) connection if possible
  • Usage of Python 2.3's email package which has multiple benefits like easy to generate multi part messages including fance HTML emails and with images.
  • A new secureSend() method that seperates headers like mail to, mail from from the body text. You don't need to mingle body text and headers any more.
  • Email address validation based on the code form PloneTool for mail from, mail to, carbon copy and blin carbon copy to prevent spam attacks. (Only for secureSend()!)
  • Message-Id and X-Mailer header generation to lower the spam hit points of Spam Assassin.
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