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sdotNews (1.6.2)

by cms last modified 2008-05-29
Released on 2007-01-08 by Christian Ledermann for Plone 2.5 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
sdotNews is a slashdot/squishdot like product, that lets you categorize your News in a hierarchical way.


sdotNews provides a folderish type 'sdot News Folder'.  Newsfolder have an Id (part of the URL), a Title (the name, thats what you see in your navigation), a description and an Icon (this visualizes the categories). In this Folder you can add news (and optional PloneArticles). Note that the News you add in a sdot News Folder also show up in the "normal News".

News Folders generate  RSS2 and Atom Newsfeeds.

Why a folderish type?

Making the categories folderish has some advantages. You can finetune the permissions (reviewer, manager, etc) on a per folder basis, i.e. you may have reviewers for certain categories (via local roles for users or groups), you may browse the categories with the Plone navigation, there is no need for a special sdotNewsItem type (you may add additonal types to show in the sdot News Folder via ZMI), your users can bookmark the folder of their
their interest and it was easy to implement ;).

News Categories Portlet

sdotNews installs a portlet that displays the Categories in which news were posted recently (slashdot like). You will not see any categories in which no news were posted or categories that have not been used for a long time. The portlet will only show up if you added a Newsfolder  somewhere in your Plone site. The portlet will be empty until you added (and published) some news inside one of your Newsfolders.


sdotNews adds two viewlets to CMFContentsPanels:  'sdot News'  and  'sdot Categories'. The first displays the newslisting and the second the Categories (= sdotNews Folders). For the correct layout copy the contents of sdot_news.css into the 'Custom CSS'  field (in the edit view) of the

Displaying sdotNews at your Frontpage

Use a CMFContentspanel with the sdotNews viewlet as your frontpage. Alternatively you may simply add an DTML Document named index_html
to your siteroot:

 '<dtml-var sdotnews_view>'

To display an icon at this level you will have to add an image named 'sdot_folder_icon' (no extension) in your custom folder or your Plone siteroot.
Note that if you do not add icons to your sdot News Folders this image will be displayed by default.

Replace News with sdotNews

In the ZMI goto portal_actions. Find the News action and replace 'string:$portal_url/news' with 'string:$portal_url/sdotnews_view'. If you use the News portlet you will have to customize that as well.

Replacement for discussion view

sdotNews replaces the plone with its own version that supports collapsable threads. If you do not want to use it either delete the file or copy the original version into your custom folder.

CMFBoard Squishdot Style

In this version there is a squishdot like skin (forum_news) for CMFBoard included. It may be used independent of sdotNews but it requires CMFBoard.

The use of CMFBoard is _not recomended_ anymore because it does not work with Plone 2.1.X. The pagetemplate is only included for historical reasons and may serve as an example of how discussionboards can be viewed in a slashdot style.

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Avatar Posted by dg at 2005-04-12

Hello, does anybody know where else one can get sdotnews? thanks, dan (oso @at@ nettarine .dot. com)

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