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by cms last modified 2011-04-14
Released on 2011-04-10 by Tim Hicks for Plone 4.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
A Blogging Suite for Plone.

Quills is an Enterprise Weblog System for the Plone content management system. It is designed from the ground up to work well and provide specialized features for a multi-blog, multi-user environment.


  • Archival entry paths. Access blog archives via standard paths such as
  • Topics with descriptions and images
  • BloggerAPI support for remote posting
  • Track Back Pings
  • Visitors can leave comments on blog entries, optionally require registration to limit "Comment Spam"
  • Unlimited Authors, Blogs per Author, and Authors per Blog
  • Site-wide blog aggregator
  • Blog Planets for groups
  • Multiple topics and advanced topic searching, with simple URIs such as
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