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PyboomSkin (1.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2009-01-19
Released on 2007-09-02 by PyBoom for Plone 2.5 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
PyboomSkin is a black and green skin, with some glossy and reflection design.


PyboomSkin is a product that adds a new style to a Plone portal.  It adds a new skin selection to the 'portal_skins' tool (called PyboomSkin), and registers a custom stylesheet (called pyboomskin.css) with the 'portal_css' tool.

PyboomSkin is based on DIYPloneStyle 2.1, a skeleton product ready for building new graphical designs for Plone.


  • Place PyboomSkin in the Products directory of your Zope instance and restart the server.
  • Go to the 'Site Setup' page in the Plone interface and click on the 'Add/Remove Products' link.
  • Choose PyboomSkin (check its checkbox) and click the 'Install' button.

You may have to empty your browser cache to see the effects of the product installation/uninstallation.
Uninstall -- This can be done from the same management screen.

Selecting a skin

Depending on the value given to SELECTSKIN (in, the skin will be selected (or not) as default one while installing the product. If you need to switch from a default skin to another, go to the 'Site Setup' page, and choose 'Skins' (as portal manager). You can also decide from that page if members can choose their preferred skin and, in that case, if the skin cookie should be persistent.

Note -- Don't forget to perform a full refresh of the page or reload all images (not from browser cache) after selecting a skin. In Firefox, you can do so by pressing the 'shift' key while reloading the page. In IE, use the key combination <Ctrl-F5>.

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