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Portal 2.0 (1.3.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2009-04-01
Released on 2009-03-30 by Daniel Kvaternik for Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Portal 2.0 is an elastic layout visual theme for Plone 3.
Portal 2.0


Portaltwodotoh is an visual theme product for Plone This theme has been tested the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, and Opera 9 with resolutions in the range of 1024x768-1600x1200. Portaltwodotoh provides an elastic layout that utilizes a web 2.0 design. Included with this product are custom graphics for all major elements (logo, portlet icons, and several of the default site icons), and a recalcuation of each page's vertical flow (Owen Briggs method).

Recalculating Vertical Flow:

Perhaps the largest 'shock' to this visual theme is the relative adjustment of each of the block level elements. I have attempted to follow Owen Briggs' methodology. Overall, there is still some fine-tuning that needs to be performed however I plan on leaving that as an exercise to the reader. For those that wish to alter (or disable) the use of this feature please customize the 'typography.css.dtml' file located in the skins directory. Removing it entirely should restore most of the default Plone spacing (margins, padding, borders).

Known Issues:

Currently, I am aware of a known bug with enabling LiveSearch for the search portlet. It increases the width of that slot beyond the declaration resulting in uneven left and right slots. Furthermore on low resolution monitors, the search portlet becomes too wide (because the search button tries to squeeze in next to the input box). Due to these issues, I recommend not enabling the search portlet.
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