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by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-08-16
Released on 2011-08-08 by Danny Bloemendaal under -- available for All platforms.
Software development stage: beta
Plone Templates is a product that allows end-users to create content templates in the portal in a similar way as in other applications like Word or Excel. Any existing portal content can be used as a template for new content.
PloneTemplates is a product that allows you to make templates like you know them from other applications such as Word of Excel (don't confuse them with zope page templates, it's totally unrelated!!).

Usage is very simple. Suppose you have to create a Page many times with every time the same basic content. Instead of manually copying and pasting another Page that acts as the template, this product does it all for you with an easy to use user-interface.

First you create a Template object somewhere in your portal. Just like any other object using the Add new menu. This Template object is in fact a folder that can contain any other portal object (one or more!). In our example, we create a Page inside this Template. We edit this Page and we write its boiler plate body text (and whatever else you wish to preset) and you save the Page. Then you can write optional usage instructions in the Template object (edit tab) itself. This is all you need to do to define the template. Of course you can also copy/paste any existing objects inside the

Now, the final step is to go to a place in the portal (usually a Folder) where we wish to enable this new Template so users can instantiate it. So, we edit the Folder and we click on the templates link (schemata/fieldset) at the top of the edit form. There we can use the Browse button to locate the newly created Template in the portal. (Here we can also choose if this Template is added to Templates already registered in higher levels in the Folder hierarchy). So, we select the Template we just created and we press Save. From then on, a new drop-down menu called 'template's appears next to the Add new menu in the context of this Folder and in any of it's subfolders. This menu contains the Templates the user can pick from.

So.. let this get to you for a few seconds...

So, to summarize, you can create a Template object, put in there whatever you want, register this Template anywhere in a folderish object in the portal and from then on you can consider this Template (actually it's content) as a new addable object (or collection of objects)? Yes. That's all there is to it!

Possibilities are endless. You can predefine all kinds of Issues that you want to have available in an Issue Tracker, you can predefine entire folder structures and put them in a Template like a project folder you want for each new project. Create a Page that holds the structure for a customer description etc.
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