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PloneStarter (1.0)

by olena last modified 2008-06-10
Released on 2006-03-13 by Christian Koller for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
Plone Starter provides a simple example product to start with product development for Plone.

It´s a quite simple example plone product which shows you how to start developing your own Archetypes based Plone Product.
You can use it as a template to start creating your Product.

The following techniques are used within Plone Starter:

  • Plone Core 2.1.x
  • i18n -> PlacelessTranslationService 1.0
  • Plone Tool
  • Archetypes 1.3.4-final
  • Validation 1.3.3-final05
  • CMFQuickInstallerTool 1.5.1


It is showing how to use the listed techniques and how to create a product with them.
It is not using ArchgenXML and shall not compete with it or with other complex systems like Skeletor.

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