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Plone Mini Portals (0.0.5)

by olena last modified 2008-05-30
Released on 2006-06-19 by Davis Community Network, Steve McMahon for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: beta

Use Case: You want to be able to create a number of subsites within a Plone instance. Each subsite needs to act like a portal unto itself, except that it will have no independent membership component. Each will typically be maintained by only a few persons.

 A PloneMiniPortal is a folderish object that acts like the root of a simplified portal. PloneMiniPortal provides two major components of this:

  1. The MiniPortal object itself, which allows the manager of a MiniPortal to control many aspects of its presentation and behavior.
  2. Replacements for the navigation, news and upcoming events portlets, the search box, and the event and news tabs  that start their searches at the MiniPortal object. This makes a MiniPortal object act -- in many ways -- like a portal root.

The MiniPortals product was developed for a community network that wishes to be able to allocate easily maintained simple web sites to community groups.

We anticipate that MiniPortals will be most useful when deployed within a Plone instance tuned for this purpose.  Trying to use MiniPortals inside a Plone instance in use for much else will probably endanger mental health.
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