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PloneLocalFolderNG (0.9-beta1)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2008-06-10
Released on 2006-04-12 by Mikko Ohtamaa for Plone 2.1 under Unavailable License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
PloneLocalFolderNG opens a view to local file system through Plone.


2005-2006 Mikko Ohtamaa, Red Innovation <>

Mike Garnsey (sourceforge id 'mgarnsey')

Andreas Jung, D-72070 Tübingen, Germany


PloneLocalFolderNG is a tool which allows local files and folders appear in Plone. Sometimes you might want to store data directly on file system. This is especially the case if you have large amount files or big files which don't co-operate with Zope well. Also, you might have some static old HTML pages and images lying around and you want them to appear in Plone.

Essentially, PloneLocalFolderNG (aka PLFNG) provides a convenient way to make a (large) set of files accessible in a Plone site without the overhead of importing the files as Plone objects. A single PLFNG object instance in a Plone site proxies the entire contents of a specific filesystem path on the Plone site server as pseudo Plone objects. These proxy`d files are **NOT** 1st-class Plone citizens, so they don`t have the rich set of Plone object features like workflow state, individually assignable access permissions, etc.

Zope and plenty of files or large files

Zope database doesn't remove anything automatically. All little changes are kept in database history forever or until site manager goes to press "Pack database" button. If there are a lot of small files or big files, they will quickly increase database size making database look ups slower. File system doesn't have such history keeping and it's designed to serve file content, so it scales better with files.

Other products to solve these problems are


  • basic file / folder actions (add/upload, delete, move)
  • file unpacking (just .zip format for now) - metadata for files and folders
  • file backup & revisioning support (when files deleted or overwritten)
  • ZCatalog text indexing of file contents (via TextIndexNG2)
  • filters for hiding files and/or folders
  • support for counting and/or logging file accesses
  • file space quota limit support
  • MD5-based file integrity testing
  • support for and/or disregard of OS file permissions settings
  • auto-load of a 'default file' on PLFNG base object access
  • configurable settings for most PLFNG features
  • adding items to Plone navigation tree and sitemap, allowing Plone friendly browsing in PLFNG (new in 0.9.0).


  • Plone 2.1.2    
  • TextIndexNG2 (optional) 
    •  and associated system utilites for optional zCatalog text-indexing of  local filesystem contents.
  • mxmCounter
    • mxmCounter is a nice little hit counter, and I put hooks into PLFNG's showFile() to use mxmCounter if its installed.  Note: for this to  work with mxmCounter (v1.1.0), you will need to modify/extend the  mxmCounter class by adding the following method (I have contacted the mxmCounter author to ask that this type of functionality be added to  the baseline of mxmCounter):
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