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Plone Gazette (3.1.1)

by cms last modified 2009-11-03
Released on 2009-10-22 by Pilot Systems, Justin Ryan for Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
A complete Newsletter product for Plone

PloneGazette is a complete Newsletter Product for Plone. It provides numerous features, among the most important are:

For the subscriber:

  • Rapid subscription via the slot
  • Ability to cancel your subscription at any moment
  • Choice between html or plain text versions of the Newsletter
  • Each Newsletter contains a link at the bottom allowing the subscriber to access his preferences and, for example, modify the email address or the format of the Newsletter (html / plain text.)

For the Manager:

  • Manage multiple Newsletter themes on the same site
  • Ability to easily customise the Newsletter's appearance for the subscribers receiving the Newsletter in html (logo insertion and styles.)
and more:
  • You can now use MaildropHost product for mass mailing (Highly recommended);
  • You can now import thousands of subscribers from a csv file;
  • You can store all subscriber objects inside a BTree;
  • You can now modify the newsletter footer directly from NewsletterTheme edit form;
  • Use NewsletterReference and NewsletterTopic objects to build the newsletter content from portal objects;
  • Fix the relative url problem inside newsletter emails;
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Avatar Posted by Frank Cohen at 2005-05-03

Plone Gazette looks like a great product. I am wondering if it will work reliably with my existing community? I have 7600 people that have registered to receive a monthly newsletter. Will Plone Gazette work well or crash and burn at that level of usage?


  1. S. - Please email me your thoughts at fcohen at Thanks.

Demo anywhere

Avatar Posted by mark underwood at 2006-06-15

Is there a demo of the newsletter capability anywhere?

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