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Products.PloneFlashUpload (1.3)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-09-02
Released on 2011-10-31 by Nate Aune for Plone 3.2, Plone 3.3, Plone 4.0, Plone 4.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
The PloneFlashUpload tool lets you select multiple files to be uploaded, and they are all uploaded in bulk using a Flash-based tool in the browser. The tool shows a progress bar indicator for each file and an overall progress bar indicator, so you can see how much time is remaining.

Plone Flash Upload

Plone Flash Upload is a Plone add-on product which adds an upload tab to folders which takes the user to an upload form. This upload form uses a flash applet to provide the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously.


  • Zope 2.9+ (Zope 2.10+ is not supported at this time)
  • Plone 2.5.1+ (Plone 3.0+ is not supported at this time)
  • Five 1.4.2+ (Five 1.5+ is not supported at this time)


Simply extract downloaded archive into the $INSTANCE_HOME/Products directory and (re)start Zope. Once Zope is running, go to the Plone site's Add/Remove Products configuration screen and install the PloneFlashUpload product.

Basic Usage

After installation of the product is complete, go to any folder within the plone site and a new upload tab should be present if the current user has access to add new files to the folder.

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