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plone.schemaeditor (1.0)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2009-11-19
Released on 2009-11-17 by David Glick for Plone 3.0 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
Provides through-the-web editing of a zope 3 schema/interface.

plone.schemaeditor provides a through-the-web interface for modifying Zope 3 schemata (interfaces).

Currently there is support for:

  • adding and removing fields
  • editing attributes of existing fields
  • reordering fields
  • renaming fields

plone.schemaeditor only handles the actual schema editing. To be useful, it requires some integration code to take care of the following pieces:

  • traversing to a schema that is used as the context of the editor
  • persisting schema changes across Zope restarts

See (along with plone.dexterity and plone.supermodel) for one approach to this integration.

The following field types (from zope.schema) are currently supported:

  • TextLine
  • Text
  • Int
  • Float
  • Bool
  • Password
  • Bytes
  • Datetime
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