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Memblets (1.0-beta1)

by olena last modified 2008-06-03
Released on 2006-01-23 by Blue Dynamics under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: beta
Memblets is about using content objects in your portal as user properties. It provides plugins for PluggableAuthService and works together with PlonePAS.


Memblets let you use content objects in your portal as PAS properties.

It's about dealing with PAS properties and do not cover any other aspect, like - for example - Membrane does.

Memblets allows having multiple content objects as properties for one User.

The content objects implementing user properties don't have to be aware of Memblets, no mixin is needed, not interface is needed. Link together user and its properties (content objects) just through registration in the Memblets Tool. Registered content objects are attributed to their owner. We call this kind of properties Active Properties.

Memblets offers also so called Delegation Properties. These are using propertyfinders to fetch a property from anywhere you like. We designed it to fetch single fields from Archetypes based content. But its nor reduced to this use-case since Delegation Properties are designed extensible and pluggable.

Relation to Membrane

Memblets is an alternative, in most parts orthogonal and thinner/reduced approach to Membrane and it borrows lots of ideas from it. In fact Helge Tesdal and I thinking about making a common base catalog used by Membrane and Memblets and may out-source all property related code into Memblets.


Back up your site before installing! Read about PAS and PlonePAS!

In Plone, click "Add/Remove Products" in the Site Setup. Then select PlonePAS from the list of available products and click "Install". Then install Memblets the same way.

Memblets needs Archetypes 1.3.>=6 or 1.4.x

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