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mailtoplone (0.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2008-05-14
Released on 2008-02-19 by Hans-Peter Locher for Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
Mailtoplone's main purpose is to create plone content from emails. The emails are delivered to plone as plaintext containing the entire email including the envelope. Mailtoplone makes heavy use of the zope 3 component architecture and plone's content rules. The configuration is done using the content-rules ui.


  • drop email to plone using xmlrpc
  • custom content rules' actions and conditions to control email handling
  • creation of custom type Email and standard types news and event(out of text/calendar attachments)


Mailtoplone consist of three eggs:
  • mailtoplone.policy:
    installs mailtoplone.base + mailtoplone.contentrules
  • mailtoplone.base:
    contains the custom types, adapters, utilities
  • mailtoplone.contentrules:
    contains definitions of content rules actions and conditions to be used with mailtoplone


After installing the mailtoplone eggs, go to your plone instance and add an InBox (The InBox can be accessed via xmlrpc, therefore a filesystem script is provided in mailtoplone.base. To make something happen, use the content rules ui and create rules using the buildin actions, conditions and triggers and the one's provided by mailtoplone (e.g. check email-header for value, deliver to another DropBox).

Currently, these markerinterfaces are provided, to generate content, context based:
  • IMailDropBoxMarker(Interface):
    type Email will be created
  • class IBlogMailDropBoxMarker(IMailDropBoxMarker):
    standard type News will be created
  • class IEventMailDropBoxMarker(IMailDropBoxMarker):
    standard type Event will be created out of text/calendar attachments
Marking a standard folder with one of these markerinterfaces(and reindexing it) will enable it for usage with mailtoplone.
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