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ldapconfig (0.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2009-02-17
Released on 2008-06-05 by Maurits van Rees for Plone 2.5, Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
ldapconfig is a configuration product for setting up a connection between Plone and an LDAP Server.


Zest Software proudly presents ldapconfig, a configuration product for setting up a connection between Plone and an LDAP Server.


This product is here to make a connection between Plone and an LDAP server. That LDAP server may also be an Active Directory server.


The product first loads the config from its own Then it searches for an file in the etc/ dir of your Zope instance. Any settings in there will override the previously found settings.

Warning: you specify an id for your LDAPUserFolder in the LDAP_PLUGIN_ID setting. Any existing LDAPUserFolder with this id will first be removed and then readded with your new settings! If you are unsure that you want that, you should make a backup. You should make a backup anyway, even if you are sure.


  • Put it like any other Plone Product in the Products dir of your instance.
  • Copy the file to <zope-instance>/etc/
  • Adapt that file to fit your setup.
  • Install ldapconfig via the QuickInstaller.


  • Plone 2.5 with PlonePAS (we may get this to work for Plone 2.1 without PlonePAS as well, but not now).
  • LDAPUserFolder (using LDAPUserFolder-2.8-beta.tgz now)
  • LDAPMultiPlugins: Using a patched LDAPMultiPlugins-1_4.tgz now. See the patch instructions in docs/PLUGINS.txt. You will find information there that helps you decide which version you want and whether you need the patch or not.

Which functions do you want LDAP to perform?

With PlonePAS and LDAPMultiPlugins you can and should specify which functions (called plug-in interfaces) you want your LDAP to perform. Do you just want authentication or do you also want to add users to LDAP from within Plone? Things like that.

See the PLUGINS.txt file for a description of the various plug-in interfaces available.


See docs/DEVELOPERS.txt.

Bug reports

An issue tracker has been added to our product page at Only possible bugs or feature requests for this package should be reported here. This is NOT meant for problems with LDAPUserFolder itself or LDAPMultiPlugins or PlonePAS or your ldap or active directory server. The distinction will probably be difficult, so we will not yell at you. :) You can always try the plone-users mailing list.


Using this product is no substitute for actually understanding at least the basics of LDAP servers and Plone user management in general. Knowledge about LDAPMultiPlugins, LDAPUserFolder and PlonePAS is also helpful if you get into trouble. This is just an integration product. It has no way of knowing what the correct settings for your situation are, unless you tell it. The example config file should be very helpful though, so don't despair. :)

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