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Enfold Server (5.0)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2010-05-17
Released on 2010-05-12 by Enfold Systems, Alan Runyan for Plone 3.0 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for Windows.
Software development stage: stable
Enfold Server is the fast, reliable way to start using the time-saving features you get when you integrate Plone with Microsoft Windows.
Enfold Server

Enfold Server is for organizations requiring a commercially supported version of Plone, developed and optimized specifically for the Windows operating system. Administrators can save weeks of research and trial-and-error by adopting the Enfold Systems version of Plone. Enfold Server comes configured with best practices out-of-the-box, eliminating the need to pore over Web pages and partial documentation. Enfold Server delivers a solid foundation so you can run your Plone content management system without worries or troubles associated with the do-it-yourself open-source way consultants and programmers champion.

Evaluate Enfold Server risk-free. You can download Enfold Systems products and use them for 30 days without any purchase.

Active Directory

To use an existing Windows Active Directory installation, simply download Enfold Server and fill out the information in the setup wizard. You can be authenticating against your Microsoft Active Directory user database in minutes, not hours. And when you use Enfold Proxy and Enfold Server together, users no longer have to type in their passwords; credentials are authenticated automatically against your desktop's network logon.


Many organizations find themselves needing a helping hand to get them going. Purchasers of Enfold Server receive 30 days of installation help. You'll receive patches and notifications via e-mail when Enfold Systems releases new versions or issues hotfixes to the Enfold Server stack. Administrators have enough to do without having to become Plone experts. Enfold Server comes out-of-the-box the way a Plone expert would install and configure it.

Full-Text Indexing

Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat documents are searchable out-of-the-box. Enfold Server comes with Microsoft IFilter integration, which indexes Microsoft Office documents. To index or WordPerfect documents, simply plug in a new IFilter.

Caching Profiles

Caching makes your system more responsive, but it can be a challenge. It's a difficult balance to strike. Enfold Server comes with a set of predefined caching profiles that will make your system responsive and let you decide your settings without having to know caching nuts and bolts.

Latest Software

Enfold Sever comes with the latest versions of the technology stack, tested and quality assured. Enfold Systems tracks all potential patching, updating and incompatibilities. You can rest assured: It's all compatible with Windows. Enfold Systems also will update you when new software is available.

And More

Enfold Server comes with Enfold Desktop support out-of-the-box. Simply download Enfold Desktop and point it at your newly installed Enfold Server. The system also comes with common system administrative tasks preinstalled and configured to reduce system administration. Customers who purchase Enfold Server are eligible for discounted support contracts from Enfold Systems.

Compatibility Note

Enfold Server 2.9 comes with the Enfold Desktop 3.0 server component and is not compatible with earlier Enfold Desktop versions.

For More Information

For more details, including a feature comparison chart and details regarding support, requirements and pricing, please see the main Enfold Server page on the Enfold Systems Web site.

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