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Enfold Desktop (4.6)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-02-10
Released on 2009-01-21 by Enfold Systems, Alan Runyan for Plone 2.0, Plone 2.1, Plone 2.5, Plone 3.0, Plone 3.1 under Commercial License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
Enfold Desktop makes website publishing easy using familiar Microsoft Windows desktop: eg. make corrections, manage workflow.
Enfold Desktop

Enfold Desktop creates a Windows Explorer interface into Plone. In your standard desktop environment, you can now add, edit and interact with your Plone server and the content!

For example, want to add and edit a Word document into your intranet? That's actually quite painful and involves a lot of clicks. With Enfold Desktop all you have to do is drag and drop the file, one mouse click and its in Plone.

You want to edit the file? Traditionally that involves working with external programs or the downloading the file and editing it. In Enfold Desktop, simply double click on the file and it will open up in your editor. Be it a Word document or an Excel file.

Mutliply this process by a few documents and you'll quickly see why Enfold Desktop is the ideal tool to compliment your Plone installation.


Enfold Desktop consists of two parts:

  • A server component (preinstalled in Enfold Server), which runs as an add-on product to the Plone server
  • A client component, which runs on each user’s computer

IMPORTANT: Enfold Desktop 3 components will work only with each other and not with components of earlier versions. Users who need to continue using an earlier version of Enfold Desktop while evaluating Version 3 should read this information before installing any new components.

Server component

The server component requires Plone 2.x on any operating system. (Enfold Server ships with this component already installed.)

Client component

The client component requires:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or 2003
  • Administrative privileges on the client computer
  • Enfold Server, Enfold Proxy and a Windows domain login to use the optional single sign-on feature
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