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E-Cards (1.0)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2008-11-11
Released on 2008-11-05 by Jon Stahl for Plone 2.5 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Allows site visitors to send photo e-cards via email.

eCards is a simple product that allows your website visitors to send eCards to people via email.  eCards can help boost website traffic and visitor engagement.

Please use the Plone users' mailing list or the #plone irc channel for  support requests. If you are unable to get your questions answered  there, or are interested in helping develop the product, see CREDITS.txt  within the same directory.


For site managers:

  • Addition of new content type "eCard Collection" which can contain selected eCards
  • "eCard" content type that contains the image and an option thumbnail for overriding the default generated thumbnail
  • Configuration of layout of eCard Collection view, to suit variable site design widths (i.e. choose the number of eCards in a row, which will not overextend the main content area)
  • Configuration of a "pull" message appended to the end of each email that raises awareness about the organization hosting the eCard application where the eCard was sent.

For site users:

  • User can choose amongst multiple eCards from a thumbnail gallery, as uploaded by the site managers
  • Users can add a personalized message to their eCards.
  • Cards are emailed to recipients.

Fully customizable templates

  • ecardcollection_view - a page that includes HTML content, a thumbnail gallery of eCards, and email settings.
  • ecardpopup_view - loaded when an eCard is chosen from the collection view, includes the full sized eCard image,  a byline for the image, and HTML email message to be appended (see above), the form fields required for the user to send the email.
  • email_template - contains the HTML-rich email template that gets sent out to include the chosen eCard and custom message.  Note: we're passing several variables via options/*.  If you want to include additional "dynamic" data in your email template, you'll need to customize ecardsuccess.cpy as well.

You can customize these templates via the ZMI or on the filesystem to match your site's branding.

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