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Custom Search (0.5.4)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2010-01-21
Released on 2008-09-07 by Tim Knapp for Plone 2.5 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
A flexible power search creator for Plone


Custom Search aims to making custom search queries for Plone sites as easy as possible. The search result listing can be customized to be more descriptive than with the standard Plone search. Powerful search features help to target searches better.

More example screenshots can be found at the documentation area.


  • Search queries appear as standard Plone content objects. They are in navigation tree, they have permissions, etc.
  • Searches can be based on any indexable Plone content field
    • Custom attributes on custom content, like price and other measurements
    • Document body text
    • Content type
    • Creation date
    • etc.
  • Easily customizable result listing templates
  • Many out-of-the-box search query fields
    • Value search - match fields by direct value
    • Text seach - match fields by partial text (the default Plone search)
    • Listing search - match fields by one listed value
    • Minimum and maximum number bounding
  • Limiting searches to certain section of a site
  • Limiting searches by content type

Future features

These features are not yet in Custom Search, but are planned in the future

  • Batches (e.g. display results 1-100, 101-200...)
  • Selection list options for the end user
  • Boolean queries
  • Integrating with criterias used with Smart Folders (ATContentTypes/criteria) and reworking the
  • Internationalization


Custom Search is tested on Plone 2.1.x and Plone 2.5.x.

Following Plone add-on products are needed to run Custom Search

  • AdvancedQuery
    • AdvancedQuery is a Zope product, by Dieter Maurer, aimed to overcome several limitations of ZCatalog's native search function
    • Internally Customs Search uses this Zope product. It enhances portal_catalog search abilities with boolean conditions and many other features.
    • Bundled with the download package
  • DataGridField
    • Used for edit search query form
    • Bundled with the download package
  • PloneInstallation
    • Installer utilities
    • Bundled with the download package


For the sake of easy installation, AdvancedQuery and DataGridField are bundled inside the download package. These might collide with your versions, so don't let them overwrite your existing installations.

  1. Put AdvancedQuery to your Plone 's Products folder
  2. Put DataGridField to your Plone's Products folder.
  3. Put CustomSearch to your Plone's Products folder.
  4. Run Plone quick installer for DataGridField and CustomSearch
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