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collective.printview (1.0.1)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-08-22
Released on 2011-08-21 by Jukka Ojaniemi under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Displays all specified Plone content in one printable page.

Every now and then users ask if they could somehow get a view which displays all the documents from certain folder structure at one page. Collective.printview is an answer to this request.

Collective.printview brings you @@printview view that you can call from every folderish object in Plone. This view is drop dead simple having only one task - dig deep through folder structure and search for content based on settings specified on collective.printview controlpanel. In controlpanel you can define which folderish content types collective.printview can use while it tries to dig deeper in folder structure. You can also define content types which are used for getting the actual content. Finally you can chooce workflow states which will be made available for this search for content.

For each object we're going to pull content from, collective.printview expects to find these three mehtods:

  1. Title()
  2. Description()
  3. getText() OR text.raw

After @@printview has crawled through all the specified folders it returns plain page containing title, description and body text from all the objects it encountered. The resulting page contains some javascript magic which creates footnotes after each links and moves the actual links to page footer.


@@printview view can be used from folderish contents actions menu (where you can find cut,copy,paste,rename and delete actions as well). You can also manually type @@printview after the url.


Usually we can get objects title and description from the catalog. This addon would be pointless if we couldn't also get the actual bodytext. This is why collective.printview doesn't play with portal_catalog and instead of that goes bravely with full objects. This is something that can have serious impact on your sites performance - especially if there are lot's of folders and content objects under the context you're using the @@printview. @@printview uses memoize to cache results based on a key created from printview settin

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