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collective.galleria (1.0)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-08-08
Released on 2011-08-01 by Jean-Michel FRANCOIS under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: beta
Galleria integration into Plone

Galleria is a great JQuery slideshow plugin. This integration is based on and provide most of galleria options throw collective.configviews



If true, this will start playing the slideshow with 5 seconds interval (default). If you set this to any number, f.ex 4000, it will start playing with that interval (in milliseconds)


Galleria comes with a built-in horizontal carousel. This options is for activating / deactivating the carousel feature. Setting this to true, the carousel will be automatically applied if the total som of thumbnails width exceeds the thumbnail container. This will be re-calculaed on resize.

If you set this to false, you will prevent Galleria from adding the carousel.


This option defines if the the carousel should follow the active image. You can control the speed of the animation with the carouselSpeed option. Please note that animating heavy thumbnails can affect your main image animation, so if you are seeing big lags in the main animation you can try to set this option to false.


Set this to false if you do not wish to display the caption.


Set this to false if you do not wish to display the counter.


Set this to false if you do not wish to display the image navigation (next/prev arrows).


The transition that is used when displaying the images. There are some built-in transitions in Galleria, but you can also create your own using our Transitions API.


The milliseconds used in the animation when applying the transition. The higher number, the slower transition.


During playback, Galleria will stop the playback if the user presses thumbnails or any other navigational links. If you dont want this behaviour, set this option to false.


By default, Galleria fetches the width from the containing element. Bu you can use this option to set a gallery width manually.


Galleria need a height to work properly. You can set the height using this option to make sure it has the correct height. If no height is set, Galleria will try to find the height of the parent container.


This option is for turning debug on/off. By default, Galleria displays errors by printing them out in the gallery container and sometimes throw exceptions. For deployment you can turn debug off to generate a more generic error message if a fatal error is raised.

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