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collective.fancybox (0.5.1)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-10-27
Released on 2011-10-08 by Radim Novotny for Plone 4.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Fancybox libraries for Plone

Simple package which makes fancybox available in portal_javascript. This package does not change nor define any view or templates. It basically does nothing from the user point of view. It is usable for template developers to avoid several fancybox libraries registered from different products.


Fancybox requires custom invocation of the library. You must write custom javascript which binds fancybox code to particular tag. Define your own JS file, register it (portal_javascripts, javascript_head_slot) and use jQuery syntax to bind fancybox to the tags:

jq(function() {

More detailed configuration may be passed as arguments of fancybox() function. Please read chapter 4 - Fire plugin using jQuery selector and Available options.

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