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Products.CMFNotification (2.2)

by olena last modified 2010-03-17
Released on 2010-02-25 by Pilot Systems for Plone 3.0, Plone 4.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
A product to get notifications on workflow changes and actions made on the objects of the portal

CMFNotification is a product that allows users to be notified when various events occur in the portal:

  • when an item is created;
  • when an item is modified;
  • when a workflow transition occurs;
  • when a new portal member is registered.

CMFNotification is configured with rules:

  • rules to decide who should be notified;
  • rules to decide what mail template to use.

Besides these rules, CMFNotification handles extra subscription to any portal item. This allows an authenticated users to subscribe to an item and receive notification, if the notification policy does not already include him/her in the list of notified users. These extra subscription may be recursive: if so, an user which has subscribed to a folder is notified for any event which occurs on the folder and any of its items (including its subfolders, etc.).

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Is now Products.CMFNotification

Avatar Posted by jcbrand at 2010-03-09
CMFNotification has been eggified and made compatible with Plone 3 and 4.

So the new name is Products.CMFNotification and the new svn repo is:[…]/Products.CMFNotification

The new egg is on Pypi but not on due to sharing/permissions preventing non project owners from making releases (even though they have given me all the permissions available).

CMFNotification 2.2a1: KeyError: 'portal'

Avatar Posted by at 2010-10-27
I get "ERROR CMFNotification Cannot evaluate mail template" because of "KeyError: 'portal'". Is the same for all templates in Linux or Windows.
Perhaps it is connectet to ??

Re:CMFNotification 2.2a1: KeyError: 'portal'

Avatar Posted by Olha Pelishok at 2010-10-27
Please contact product authors with this issue. You can find their contact email on the product page on PyPi.

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