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cciaa.portlet.calendar (1.2.0)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2011-06-29
Released on 2011-06-27 by RedTurtle Technology, Luca Fabbri for Plone 3.0, Plone 4.0 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Alternative calendar portlet for Plone that perform some additional search

This is a simple replacement of Plone base calendar, that add only some new features and change somw behaviour for better accessibility.

Why show a search when only an event is found?

In the basic Plone calendar, when you click on a day with one event inside, you are redirected to a search result view... where the only clickable thing is the event itself.

This step is a waste of time. This new calendar will move you directly to the event itself.

Why show a search (in any case)?

Showing a search results view when using the calendar is not very user-friendly. The user will read "Results for the search..." but from his point of view this action is not a search operation.

This calendar will move the user to a specific view, with better explanatory texts.

New feature: events of the month

Simple, but useful: clicking on the month name will redirect the user to a view that display all event of the month.

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