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BlueLinguaLink (1.0)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2008-05-28
Released on 2007-03-05 by Jens Klein under -- available for All platforms.
Software development stage: beta
This product deals with the problem of 'language neutral content' and content-trees only available in one language. It needs LinguaPlone and is a kind of add-on. It shows stub-content with a link to the 'language neutral' version of content.

Plone with LinguaPlone is a powerful software for multilingual websites. It just has one major limitation: Language Neutral content or language fallback is poorly supported.

For example assuming there's a top-folder (language=de) containing several folders with content we want to show in every language (even if it is in german, we're defining that for our scenario as language independent). The top-folder is translated to italian. If one switches to italian the folder is empty (even if the content in german folder is marked as language neutral).

Now we can say:

  1. Language neutral does not mean to have objects shown in all languages,
  2. LinguaPlone assumes to have in one branch - started at portal level - all translated or nothing,
  3. Language neutral is a technical term (metadata), not a schema how to show content.


The behavior is wired deep in the concepts of LinguaPlone and how it deals with folders, translations and how ExtendedPathIndex is used to display content. Due this limitations the mix-up of language-neutral and translated content is not possible.

How BlueLinguaLink helps:

With BlueLinguaLink a stub-content type LinguaLink is placed in the translations container. It does not show the content, but a we-are-sorry-not-translated message with a link to the canonical content. A LinguaLink holds a reference to the canonical content. BlueLinguaLink does not switch to the language of the content shown. Once the link was followed the navigation-tree shows additional the sub-tree to the canonical content.

BlueLinguaLink is shipped with a portlet for easy creation of LinguaLinks. It helps managing LinguaLinks and translations of any translatable content. Navigate to a folder or other content you want to show in all other languages. Click the create link in the portlet and youre done.

BlueLinguaLink is not immersive, it does not change LinguaPlone in any way. It just uses its API.

BlueLinguaLink in Action

Go to BKS Chur Website and choose italiano as language. Then for example go to Portale -> Organizzazione -> Facolta and choose there Geografia. You'll see the BlueLinguaLink. Please tell the author if for some reasons the live-example doesnt work any longer, thanks.

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