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BibLexis (1.0b1)

by olena last modified 2008-05-30
Released on 2006-05-16 by Frank Bennett for Plone 2.1, Zope 2.8 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
A simple input helper to accompany CMFBibliographyAT, which generates individual bibliography entries for academic articles published on the commercial Lexis/Nexis information service, with little or no typing. RSS Feed


This product is a companion for CMFBibliographyAT and the Lexis/Nexis legal information service. It allows users to create bibliography entries for academic articles such as those found in the "US & Canadian Law Reviews, Combined" section of the Lexis service, without doing any
typing in most cases.

In a world driven by XML and whatnot, automated entry of structured data is pretty ho-hum. But the Lexis service predates the Internet, and the documents it supplies have only a coarse and somewhat irregular structure. This product invokes the magic of regular expressions on the header text of an academic article from the service, attempts to identify its essential citation details, reformats the text as necessary, and presents it to the user in the edit form for a newly created CMFBibliographyAT article entry. The recognition rate of the parser is pretty high.

The product adds a 'lexis' tab to personal bibliography folders and to ArticleReference entries, for users that have the 'Modify portal content' permission. The tab opens a screen with a single text area field and a 'Read' button. Applying  their local copy and paste feature to paste the header of the article into the text box, the user places its text in the text area. When the 'Read' button is pressed, an edit form for a new 'ArticleReference' item will be presented, with the fields filled in. After proofreading, the item can be saved in the usual way.

(Note that BibLexis will refuse to register book reviews. The Lexis header does not provide complete information for books that are the subject of a book review; books should be entered using and ISBN number.)

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