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by olena last modified 2010-03-17
Released on 2010-03-16 by Russ Ferriday, Jean-Francois Roche for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
The first public release of ATPhoto includes a cool slideshow feature, Flickr import/export, Zip file import/export, and photo transformations (rotate, flip).


ATPhoto is a product to manage photos in your Plone site. It provides two new content types: Photo, Photo Album. A photo album is a container for photos. The "ATPhoto product page": contains the latest information about the product.


This product was conceived during the "Plone multimedia sprint": and was developed primarily by Russ Ferriday ( and Jean-Francois Roche (
Development work on ATPhoto continued on "IRC":irc://, and there was another burst of activity during the "Snow Sprint 2006": in Egg, Austria.
You are welcome to join in the development and report bugs as you find them. See the mailing list and bug reporting section below.
ATPhoto is bundled with the "PloneMultimedia": package along with ATAudio and ATVideo, and some other programs which improve Plone's handling of multimedia files.

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