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AT Video (1.0-alpha1)

by olena last modified 2008-06-10
Released on 2006-03-07 by Nate Aune for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: alpha
This is the first public release of ATVideo, which provides video file playback in your Plone site. Please note that this is an alpha1 release which means that it is not ready for production use. It is being released to get feedback before the 1.0-final release.

ATVideo is a product to handle the uploading and playback of video files within a Plone site. When you upload the video file, ATVideo detects the file format you are uploading and chooses the appropriate playback (Windows Media, Real, Quicktime).


This product was developed during the "Plone multimedia sprint": and is being used and developed by the Plone4Artists project (,  and other organizations such as "Liberty Bloom": and "Engage Media":

ATVideo is included with the "PloneMultimedia": package along with ATAudio, ATPhoto and PloneJUpload.


Add a new video item to your Plone site by choosing it in the "Add new item" menu. You can then upload a video file (Quicktime .mov, Windows .wmv
or Real .rm) which is then associated with this object.

Since video files can get quite large, they are stored on the file system (using ExternalStorage) so that they do not cause ZODB bloat.

Since the files are accessible from the file system, one can use Apache or some other tool to serve up the video thereby freeing up more
memory/CPU for Zope.

For instructions on how to set up WebDAV to facilitate drag-n-drop addition  of video files to your Plone site, please see:

You can also use the "PloneJUpload": product to bulk upload video files using only your browser.

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Plone 2.5.3 Video Support

Avatar Posted by Mike at 2007-06-26

Any chance of a release of ATVideo for Plone 2.5.3?


Avatar Posted by Tiago at 2007-08-02

Como instalo esse produto?? Ele funciona na versão zope 2.9.6??

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