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ATFlashMovie (1.1)

by olena last modified 2010-04-20
Released on 2010-04-14 by Jean-Charles Rogez for Plone 3.0, Plone 3.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
First release of ATFlashMovie, a simple archetypes product that stores and displays Macromedia Flash movies.

This product provides :

  • A new content type that stores and displays Macromedia Flash movies. It autodetects width, height and flash version from swf files.
  • A Plone3 portlet to display a flash movie
  • And a Collage viewlet if this product is installed


You can install it via QuickInstaller


  • Plone 3.0 or later.

This version doesn't work with the Plone 2.0, 2.1 and 2.5 series.


  • SmartColorWidget 1.0.2 or later (at this time, use the trunk from SVN :
  • Collage 1.0 or later (at this time, use the trunk from SVN :

Integration with Kupu

Kupu has some support for embedding Flash objects using ATFlashMovie, but requires some manual configuration at this time.

  1. Install ATFlashMovie.
  2. Got to the resource types tab of the configlet.
  3. Under the resource ``mediaobject`` add Flash Movie to the selection and save.
  4. In the action urls table at the bottom of the page, add a new entry for the type Flash Movie. The preview may be left blank or be the same as the 'normal' image. For 'normal image' you should enter ``string:${object_url}/download``. Leave fieldname blank and in the 'type' field select 'Flash'.
  5. Go to the Filter HTML configlet and remove "object" tags filtering in "Nasty tags" and "Stripped tags"

Flash movies should now appear in the image drawer and be insertable into the document. Using IE the Flash movie will appear in the document and may be edited or moved as desired. Firefox will not play the movie while you are editing, so a 'flash placeholder' image is displayed instead: you cannot select it in Firefox so if you need to delete a Flash movie you will need to include the image in a slightly larger selection (e.g. spaces before and after) and delete that.

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