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Alchemist (0.2.1)

by maria last modified 2008-05-29
Released on 2006-12-03 by ObjectRealms, Kapil Thangavelu for Plone 2.5 under Unavailable License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Relational Database integration for Plone. (Any release before 1.0 should be handled with care, all disclaimers apply)

Zope(2||3) & Plone database integration based on the sqlalchemy database toolkit for python. It is designed to offer access and enhance sqlalchemy's utilizing Zope3 technology for use within or *without* a Zope runtime.



  • sqlalchemy zope transaction integration
  • on the fly creation of zope3 schemas from sqlalchemy tables
  • automatic add/edit/view for mapped objects
  • validation for relational attributes based on introspected schema definition.
  • generic containers with view customization via marker interfaces
  • database introspectors
  • no inheritance requirements for domain classes, all zope integration is interface based.
  • designed to work with existing databases.

Model - In Development

  • yaml based mapping and configuration
  • automatic (basic only) and configurable relationship detection
  • better generic views
  • database schema/aspect behaviors
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