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A-Z links (1.0)

by maria last modified 2008-05-20
Released on 2007-09-05 by Zest Software, Reinout van Rees under Unavailable License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Simply a folder that holds link items and orders them with a handy a-z search.


If you have a collection of links that's starting to get a bit big, you need a handy way to display them. This product provides three ways:

  • Full text search.
  • Browse by category.
  • The most visible: a-z. You get an a..z matrix that selects links by their initial letter.

Product structure

There are two content types: AzLinkFolder and AzLink. So there's an extra link contenttype: it handles categories (which prevents overloading the default plone keywords) and it injects the link and the first letter into the catalog.


Just install like a normal plone product and add an azlinkfolder somewhere.

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