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TeamSpace (1.1)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2008-06-13
Released on 2005-09-21 by BurningMan and ObjectRealms for Plone 2.0 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
TeamSpace is an infrastructure product for developing advanced groupware and collaborative applications.

The TeamSpace product is part of a developer toolkit allowing for sophisticated organization management using the Plone content management system.

TeamSpace provides a set of content types to represent your organizational structure, just as CMFMember uses the Member content type to represent an individual. The following types are among those provided:

representing a team, group, department, project group, etc.
representing a person's involvement with a Team
a folder wherein members of a team have heightened priveleges for content creation and management. used as a workspace for collaboration, either visible to the public or private to the team members.

These are all full, workflowable, Archetypes content types, able to support custom schemas as needed. Team members can be active or inactive with a given team, and they can have varying roles (and thus priveleges) within the team's workspaces. Also, TeamSpaces can be associated with multiple teams providing easy support for cross-team collaboration.

Detailed information on using TeamSpace to develop a custom application can be found in the Samplex tutorial product.

The TeamSpace product introduces the concept of Teams to CMF and Plone. Teams are analogous to groups, except that membership to a Team is represented by an Archetypes-based content object, similar to the way that CMFMember (upon which TeamSpace depends) represents Member objects. TeamMembership objects are subject to workflow, allowing memberships to be "active" or not based on the current workflow state. Additionally, each TeamMembership can have any number of arbitrarily specified roles within the context of the Team (or any associated TeamSpaces).

Additionally, TeamMemberships support the concept of Team-associated schemas/metadata with values on a per membership basis. Put another way, each Team has the ability to store Team-specific data about each of the Team's members, whether or not that member is active on the Team.

As a collaboration mechanism users who have active TeamMemberships for a Team can use a TeamSpace, which dynamically allocates security settings within the TeamSpace based on the security policy specified by the Team and the TeamMembership.

  • Archetypes 1.3 - (cvs release-1_3-branch )
  • CMFMember 1.0 - (cvs release-1_0-branch )
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