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Products.humanator (0.6.2)

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2009-07-13
Released on 2009-07-09 by Daniel Greenfeld for Plone 3.0 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
CAPTCHA alternative for Plone 3.x

CAPTCHA has a number of disadvantages such as usability and possibly the false sense of security. As white papers documenting the easy cracking of CAPTCHA become more prevalent, the security issues have been growing in concern.

Products.humanator relies on a different method of determining if the user is human or not. Rather than rely on images (and audio), the humanator widget asks the user questions such as:

What is six plus 9?

Type the word 'human' in all capital letters.

What is the best programming language of all time?

The user provides the correct answer and the form is then validated.

These questions are created by the content editor and are stored as a custom content object simply called HumanatorQuestions. The widget does a randomized portal catalog search and serves that to the user. I'm considering creating a number of stock number of questions stored as fixtures for easy import

Products.humanator has no dependencies.

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