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PloneiCalendar (1.5)

by cms last modified 2009-02-17
Released on 2006-04-18 by Ingeniweb for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
PloneiCalendar allows you to store, share, and browse your calendars in your Plone site. Furthermore, you can edit them in your favourite editor.

What is iCalendar ?

iCalendar is a standard text file format for calendar files. For further information, read the RFC 2445

What is PloneiCalendar ?

PloneiCalendar is a product designed by Ingeniweb to handle calendar files in Plone.

It is based on the iCalendar file format. iCalendar can be used to transport personal calendaring information between applications of your choice whether they are personal information managers, email systems or web browsers.

Once an iCalendar is created in Plone, you can share it with other users or groups, browse it by day, week and month or modify it by using standard calendar applications like Mozilla calendar or iCal.


  • Upload and download your calendars in Plone
  • Give permissions to users or groups to view/modify your calendars
  • Browse your calendars by day, week or month
  • Instantly find all your calendars with the included portlet
  • View the event details
  • All-day events and most recurring events are supported
  • Handling of simultaneous events, even in complex cases (see screenshot)
  • Handling of i18n date formats (currently, english and french formats can be displayed)
  • Cool look'n'feel : color integration with your plone site, personalization of the color of your calendars, 100% pure CSS in the calendar views (no table used)
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Failed Install

Avatar Posted by Kenneth Eisner at 2005-01-07


We would like to evaluate your software however have been unsuccessful in the installation process. We are running Plone 2.0.3 on Zope 2.7.1 and receive this message when invoking the Portal Quick Installer. We would appreciate any assistance you can give us:

Transcript 2005-01-06 13:30:55 failed: Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/local/zope-2.7.1/lib/python/Products/CMFQuickInstallerTool/", line 235, in installProduct res=install()

File "/usr/local/zope-2.7.1/lib/python/Products/ExternalMethod/", line 231, in __call__ return f(self.aq_parent.this(), args, *kw)

File "/usr/local/DoverBaptistChurch/zope/Products/PloneiCalendar/Extensions/", line 76, in install installation.setPermissions(perms_list)

File "/usr/local/DoverBaptistChurch/zope/Products/PloneiCalendar/", line 173, in setPermissions acquire = 1

File "/usr/local/zope-2.7.1/lib/python/AccessControl/", line 182, in manage_permission raise ValueError, (

ValueError: The permission Add PloneiCalendar is invalid.



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