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PloneRSSSearch (1.1)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2010-01-21
Released on 2004-08-30 by Ingeniweb for Plone 2.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
PloneRSSSearch is a tool that allows you to configure external Plone sites that can be searched based on the 'search_rss' file that is provided in any Plone 2.x site.

PloneRSSSearch allows searching external Plone sites : Users can get search results from a set of configured external sites based on rss feed.


How does it work ?


To configure PloneRSSSearch, a tool can be used : portal_rsssearch. (Properties)

portal_rsssearch : Once installed, the Plone site members, including Anonymous, can get remote "public" contents (contents that Anonymous can see according to the site's policy) that match their search, in addition to the local results.

If the member of the site is also a member of the remote site (with the same user account and password), he gets matching "published" contents in the results list (again, if this is allowed by the remote site's policy). Note : The functionnality is already integrated to Plone by the addition of a customized version of Plone's '' template, but you can also quickly test it by invoking a URL such as :

Properties :

  • searchable_sites : set here the url of the external sites where you want to perform the search.
  • _addCookies : if checked, authentification cookie will be sent to external searchable sites. So if the user has also an account on these sites (same login, same password) all results he can access will be shown (private, publish, shared ...)
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