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by cms last modified 2008-06-25
Released on 2008-12-12 by Reflab under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
PloneCampus is a project aiming to realize a web application for didactics management, a collaborative environment for teachers and students and the automation of administrative procedures for Universities.
PloneCampus is a web content management application for Didactics management in Universities. It has been developed by Reflab and the Department of Law of the University of Bari, Italy, with Zope and Plone technologies.

About PloneCampus

PloneCampus is developed with the Zope Application Server and with Plone2.x and Archetypes architecture.
It benefits of the content management provided by Plone, it follows its usability paradigm, it can be extended with almost every Plone Product available, and will benefit of nearly all future Plone improvements. It uses Zope build-in database for storing data and can be also be used in combination with OracleDB, SAP DB, IBM DB2, PostegreSQL or MySQL.
Architecture is modular and easy to customize, the installation is easy.


PloneCampus provide a Vertical Plone for universities just organized in tipical sections and a set of build-in contents to manage didactics (Classes, Teachers,Exam, Notices, Rooms, Timetable).
Teacher is a special folder where not only courses, but also any kind of document can be placed. In each course, a teacher can add didactic material (faqs, syllabus, etc.) in the form of word and pdf files, html documents, etc. but also add notices, events and dates of exams.

The system manages also courses/lessons and Exams date (didactics calendar). Each contents have associated a publication workflow. As service for students, a student can register for an exam's date, and the teacher can print the list of registered persons. Plone Campus provide the framework to manage lessons timetable and rooms also, including the print of time tables for room and for class.

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How to Install it?

Avatar Posted by VOF at 2004-11-25

How to Install it?


How to install PloneCampus.

Avatar Posted by forajido at 2004-12-13

Hi, I installed it by copying all the folders (Arch* and so on) into /Products on my test instance, and then installing the packages from the configuration link under your Plone installation (while being Admin). Of course don't forget to restart Zope.



PS: There is no installation how-to nor other txt files inside the package so I write this info hoping to be valuable for someone.


Avatar Posted by VOF at 2004-12-20

Gracias por la ayuda

Lo que pasa es que soy un principiante y habia movido la carpeta de PoneCampus y no las que habia dentro. Ahora me voy a poner a enredar.

Gracias Forajido

Demo online

Avatar Posted by forajido at 2004-12-13

There is an on-line demo at

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