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LlsMultipleChoice (1.0rc2.1)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-02-10
Released on 2006-06-19 by Michael Piotrowski for Plone 2.1 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
LlsMultipleChoice is a Plone product for multiple-choice tests. It offers QTI v2.0 import and export for questions and tests and CSV export for test results.

Notable features include:

  • Fully integrated with Plone: If you know how to use Plone, you know how to use LlsMultipleChoice. Tests are just another content type, like texts, images, discussion boards, etc. Also, LlsMultipleChoice benefits from Plone features like timed publication, access control, metadata, full-text and metadata-based indexing and retrieval; like for other content types, discussion can be enabled for test items, which can be useful for collaborative test creation.
  • Fully internationalized, i.e., LlsMultipleChoice can easily be adapted to different language environments. LlsMultipleChoice currently comes with English, German, and French messages.
  • Import and export in compliance with IMS QTI v2.0 and IMS Content Packaging v1.1.4.
  • Support for single-answer and multiple-answer questions.
  • Full HTML support in questions and answers.
  • Related questions can be grouped into question groups, which are then treated as a unit.
  • Questions and answers can be displayed in fixed or randomized order.
  • Random selection of a subset of answers.
  • For self-assessment tests, candidates can be provided with instant feedback and/or be allowed to take a test multiple times.
  • Answers can be annotated with explanations which are shown to the candidate in instant-feedback mode.
  • Detailed results report, providing an overview of the performance of all candidates. The report can also be exported for further processing in a spreadsheet or statistics program.
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