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KNotes (0.85)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-01-08
Released on 2006-06-17 by KnowNet for Plone 2.0 under Unavailable License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: beta
knotes provides a comprehensive suite of new functionalities to Plone sites: a very fast and effective discussion system and a complementary web-log publishing system, both fully supporting the major weblogging standards: trackback, the MetaWeblog, Blogger and MovableType APIs and RSS.


KNDiscussion - Portal discussion forum. Rapid rendering of very large threads, includes support for fine grained moderation.

KNWeblog - Standards complient blogging application with full support for Blogger, metaWeblog and Movable Type. API implemntation allows use of external blogging apps such as Ecto (

KNFastFolders - An ultra efficient, ligtning fast, rendering engine for displaying portal content. Particulary suited for use with 'KN' type products, this component makes viewing and editing content extemely fast & friendly.

KNLink - A standard link object extended to support trackback.


In addition to a working Plone site, you will need the following components:

External SQL DBMS
knotes uses a relational database and SQL for all of its data access during render-time. Zope makes it easy to bridge to a relational database of your choice; we use PostgreSQL.
Python/PostgreSQL database adapter
psycopg is a PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language. It was written from scratch with the aim of being very small, fast, and stable as a rock. .
PloneExFiles are nicer than plain old files, you get a nice type icon and with certain file types, a preview
Although not a requirement for final release, KNotes has a few small dependencies on KNFastFolders, this will change very soon, but in the meantime you will need to have KNFastFolders installed in your Plone site
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